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Get in. Get MADE. Go out.

MADE is a new age, trendy, concept-style salon termed “blow dry bar or blowout bar.” A “Blowout” is a perfectly dried, round-brushed, straight, curly or “half and half” hair masterpiece in less than 30-45 minutes using a blow dryer and some styling tools. They are designed for the woman that does not have the time and/or know-how to fix her own hair, for someone who wants to be pampered, or for the attendee of a special event. We are THE Louisville Blowouts and Blowdry Salon! Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

We are a unique salon offering an elite experience that cannot be matched by any other salon. Our goal is to offer the client a style MADE for them. Every client has a different color, texture and makeup of hair and it is our job to educate them on how to properly manicure their mane. It is our belief that beauty comes from within and our job to make it blossom on the outside. MADE offers more than superior blowouts and trendy special event styles. We offer first class customer service, a pampering, luxurious experience customized to the clients desire with unparalleled results. 

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Blowout Salon

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